LSU in Orange Bowl or Rose Bowl

ABC is lobbying for Notre Dame to get the At-Large bid for the Rose bowl. I don't understand it because they were already smoked by Michigan this season.

If Florida wins the SEC Championship, chances are we get either the Rose Bowl or Orange Bowl. If the Rose bowl ends up selecting Notre Dame (even though they'll be ranked below us) we'll most likely play the ACC Champion (Wake Forest/Georgia Tech) in the Orange bowl, while the Big East Champion (Rutgers/Louisville) would switch over to play Florida in the Sugar Bowl.

Things we REALLY want to happen:

-Florida wins SEC Championship. If Arkansas wins, they get the Sugar Bowl, while Florida likely gets picked by the Orange Bowl because of the draw they'd get.

-West Virginia to beat Rutgers next week. This would give Louisville the Big East Championship, while ensuring only one Big East team gets a BCS Bid. If Rutgers wins they get an automatic bid, while Louisville would have a shot at an At-Large bid. Louisville is currently ranked ahead of us, so that would screw our chances and land us in the Citrus Bowl to play Wisconsin.