Everybody LOVES USC

It is totally obvious to me that every one of the commentators on Television and the Radio are just in love with USC...

I understand that USC and Michigan both have one loss... so it comes down to who has the better loss... and that answer is Michigan who lost to the #1 team in the Nation Ohio State... USC lost to Oregon State who was not even ranked... it is clear to me who is the better team

Everyone keeps saying that Michigan got their shot already... but i disagree because the game was not played at a neutral site it was played at ohio state... and the Buckeyes only won by 3 pts... In college home field advantage is a huge advantage for the home team... that is why i think Michigan deserves another shot at Ohio State on a neutral field

If any other one loss team should have a chance to play in the title game it shoul be Florida not the Trojans

It seems pretty clear to me though if USC takes care of UCLA that they will jump over Michigan in the poles because their is a USC bias in the voting system... that is why the college football bowl system is crap

When LSU won the national championship by winning the national championship game the voters were suppose to vote the winner of that game as the #1 team in the nation... they did not only becuase the other team that they could vote for #1 was the Trojans

We need a playoff to solve all of this

How sweet would it be for LSU to play USC in a bowl game... so we could drill them into the ground

The press has ALWAYS loved USC.(puke)

I pulled for them for the first time yesterday. I only did this bk. I knew it would help LSU.

LSU vs. USC would be very awesome though.

That whole debate about the National Championship and USC claiming to be number one when LSU won still sickens me.

A game between the two may lay some of that to rest.........finally.

LSU would excell, of course.