Everybody LOVES USC

That whole debate about the National Championship and USC claiming to be number one when LSU won still sickens me.

A game between the two may lay some of that to rest.........finally.

Nah, nothing would be settled. It would only serve to fire up an old debate that doesn't really matter anymore. It's 3 years too late to settle anything, unfortunately.

It'll never be settled now, for a lot of people (although you and I both know that in reality it WAS settled when Saban raised that crystal trophy.)

Saban, Muschamp, Mauck, Devery/Jack Hunt, Lavalais, Spears, Skyler, etc. etc. etc. etc..... all gone. Bush, Leinart, Mike Williams, etc. etc. etc.

It would be The Jimbo Fisher & Justin Vincent vs. Pete Carroll Bowl. Meh.

I'd love for LSU to finally get a crack at USC, but the only real tie to 2003 at this point are the logos on the helmets. Michigan is an equally appealing prospect, IMHO, if not moreso at this point because of the Miles connection.