My game balls

My game balls:

Deuce - hard working day with slightly < 4.0 average and 2 TD's.

Brees - Quickly becoming the best Saints QB in history (needs 1 win to pass Blake in winning % for minimum 10 games :hihi: ) as he threw for a best ever total yardage over a 5 game span. He's been amazing and is now 2nd all time in consecutive 300 yard passing games (can tie the record next week vs. 49ers - if necessary).

Horn/Henderson/Copper - Our WR's were lightyears ahead of what theirs did. Horn's sideline 1 handed catch was spectacular. So was Devery's and Copper's TDs.

The DE's. I thought Grant and Smith played outstanding games. There sure seemed to me that they were held over and over yet still managed to get to Brooks and mostly stop the RB's on the outside.


Beerman - Averaged 25.3 on Kickoffs and did a solid job.

Thomas - His shot on Vick was amazing. I hope I wasn't the only one cheering for that vicious hit. 6 (5-1-0) Tackles made for a good day.

Danny Clark - 2 key goalline run stops

Go Saints.