Everybody LOVES USC

yeah i know... what happened vs Texas

Amen and it will happen again vs OSU and it won't be as close. USC has not seen a team like OSU all year while OSU played a very good Mich team that has a much better Def than USC and had a balanced Offensive attk. I think it is comical to hear Carroll say in an interview "we had the toughest schedule in college fbal"...while I give them credit for their out of conference sched: Neb, Ark, and ND; I give them NO CREDIT for their in conference sched in the Pop Warner Ath Conf. I would love to see USC play a SEC sched: LSU, AUB, ALA, SC, GA, TENN and ARK...oh that is the sched FLA played this year and add FSU. While I am NOT a gator fan, they are being overlooked in the conversation.

I hope OSU knocks the spit out of their mouths in Jan!