Why is Brett Farve still starting besides the streak?

***I'm reposting this because I haven't lit myself on fire just yet***

I'm so freakin sick of EVERYone's love affair for Brett "Throw it up for grabs" FaVre, I want to light myself on fire. I don't care about his stupid records, I don't think he's the toughest human being in the history of mankind. I know he has 3 MVP's and I know he played in a Monday night game the day after his Dad died. Good for him, Iknow he's going the Hall of Fame...but he has 1 Super Bowl ring and about 9 thousand interceptions in the playoffs. I just don't understand why everyone in the booth, everytime he plays, has to talk about him non-stop during the entire game. I can understand why you would wanna give the guy his due props because he has been a great QB in the NFL and he has done it for a long time but to go on and on and on and on ... like everbody does, is just damn ridiculous.

Okay I'm done. Oh BTW...there was a time when I was a Farve fan....not anymore, I'm just sick of hearing about him. okay....Now I'm done.