As the season winds down, will we turn to the running game?

I know I have my Deuce goggles on, but I still think he is coming along just fine. If we don't run the ball, we'll have a tougher time passing and no one will bite on the PA. I also noticed that Deuce went down a few times a little too fast, but I see falshes of the ol Deuce when he had that 31 yard run. It's tough to take that dude down when he's healthy.

I still must try and reserve my desire for a good dose of smash mouth Deuce ball for when he is healthy.

What do you suggest if you think he's not doing too well? Bush? Stecker? I see your point, but what would be your suggestion? The pass can only work for so long.

Keep doign what were doing. We are running the ball an acceptable amount of times in my opinion. Hes getting 20 or so carries. Hes doing well enough for that, but I wouldn't stop passing to give deuce more carries with the way we are moving the ball on people doing what we are doing now.