White or Black jerseys for Saints tomorrow?

While I like both jerseys, it's time we got back to rocking black at every home game. My favorite combo always includes gold pants, but this season is about setting a tone. Tomorrow is a funeral for previous negativity. All black should be the way to go.

Couldn't agree more....we're the black and gold, not the white and gold. Wear your primary colors at home. We have some of the classiest looking home jerseys in the league. We should wear black on gold or black on black for every game played at the dome.

I could understand us wearing white in the early-season if we were an outdoor team - many outdoor teams do this so that the opponent has to wear their dark jerseys in the hot September sun. In New Orleans, in an indoor stadium this makes no sense.

Only bummer about wearing white is that Oakland will wear black. I actually enjoy seeing all of the combos in the dome throughout the year.

Agree. It sounds silly, but I almost feel as though the Raiders will have somewhat of a (VERY SLIGHT) psychological advantage tomorrow. I remember reading an article some time ago about teams that wear black at home; it's menacing.