What would you have done??????

Well, I'm sure most people will choose people that are doing well to look like they know what they are talking about. I'll try to do mine based on who I was high on BEFORE the draft, and who of those was still on the board at those picks. I would have gone with BOTH of the Jets first round picks

1a) Brick
1b) Mangold
2a) Thomas Howard - LB - UTEP
2b) Claude Wroten - DT - LSU
3) David Thomas - TE - Texas

Honestly, I still think the Saints are a better team with this draft than with Bush (flame on).

Deuce would run for 5 YPC behind a Brick-Nesbit-Mangold-Evans-Brown offensive line, and we would be set for ten years. I'm not sure how Howard or Wroten have done. Brees would absolutely love David Thomas. He'd have 600-700 yards for the year, easily.