What would you have done??????

Reggie may not have rushed for 1200 yards by now, but the exposure he brought the city in the national media was much more valuable.


That is not the question the thread asked. Again.

People, the reason every thread disentegrates into either cheerleading, bashing, or stupid jokes, is because no matter what the thread, some people have a certain stock answer for any thread even somewhat related to a certain player.


"Should we use Reggie on kick returns?" - response "Reggie was a great draft pick!!!!"
"IF we didn't take Reggie, who would you have taken!" - response "Reggie was a great draft pick!!!"
"Should the NFL let Reggie wear gold shoes?" - response "Reggie was a great draft pick!!!"
"Reggie shot my dog!" - response.... (you get the point)


This would be an interesting thread to see who everyone _would have_ taken if we traded the rights to Bush for a bunch of picks. But instead it's already fallen apart into people just defending the Bush pick.

Stick to the topic. Let's be original here.