Kid's Halloween Costume, Scared Dad

Daughter #4 is a tall, almost-17-year-old brunette with long, straight hair and an athletic figure. In short, a boy magnet.

So, I was pleased when she came out last night to show off her Halloween costume.

"Look, Dad. I'm a geek!"

Black, pointy-toed heels.

Thick, striped socks up to her knees.

Red, wraparound, knee-length skirt.

Leopard print top.

Pink sweater.

Buddy Holly glasses.

Hair in a bun with a pencil stuck through it.

"Oh, I gotta get the camera," I laughed.

She posed sweetly with her fingertips lightly adjusting her glasses.

"That was great," I said.

"Wait for it..." she said slyly.

Instantly, she pushed the socks down to her ankles, ripped off the skirt, shucked the pink sweater, dropped the Buddy Holly glasses, pulled the pencil out and shook her hair loose into a flowing mane. :freaked:

"Sixty's mod, Dad!" She smiled, turning to and fro. The leopard print top wasn't a top at all, it was a micro-miniskirt dress! :surprise-bleu-1:

"Uhhh...what...what are you wearing under that?" I asked fearfully.

"Gym shorts! Like, duhhh!" She said, pulling up the hem slightly to prove she was telling the truth. "No way I'd go out in something this short without bloomers or something, geeez. I'm not like that!"

I need a drink. :all_coholic: