Rigzone Job Fair in Lafayette 1-29-2020

I had the pleasure of attending a Job fair hosted by Rigzone yesterday in the lafayette area.
Since it was put on by Rigzone, I was expecting a good bit of compaines(30-40) to network with.
So, I show up it is 5 companies, and 1 temp job service.
6 compaines total and had to be at least 300+ people in the same room.
Then the line out the door, the parking lot looked like it was crawling with roaches.
People were showing up, waiting in line for 60 minutes to get to 1 companies podium, to be turned away with a handshake because they had no idea they needed a TWIC card.

For "Rigzone" Promoting a Job Fair, I was expecting something a little more professional. SELUs job fair has them beat by miles.
The biggest shell shock to me was the number of older people, im in my later 30s. I was expecting a large turn out of younger people, which there was. But soo many more older people. I was expecting to be in the older demographic. Im thinking over a thousand people showed up between 11-3. After my first 1 minute "interview" of who I am and what Im looking for, they led me to an "associate" who informed me I could go apply online.

Its rough out there.