Some reflections after the Super Bowl

I'm not that optimistic because so much is tied to Drew and his future. We are going lose a key part (starter or backup) this off season and I'm worried about that. The only reassuring thing is that we do have an overall playoff team.

Obviously, this is the big challenge of the off-season. While here at the forum we are distracted with nonsensical trades, I think the front office is ranking which players are absolutely keepers, the players that will carry a salary that is over our budget, and the players that will leave but we can replace.

We are not on a rebuilding mode, but we still need to have a multi-year strategical plan to replace the young players that will be leaving. Our minor cap space and draft picks should be considered.

My concern--aside from the questions of who will be our quarterback and, if Brees, how much more diminution in arm strength Brees may show--is that we did not get substantial production from our 2018 and 2019 drafts, and that we again are drafting late and that we do not have a second-round pick. When teams have consecutive drafts that are not terribly productive, the lack of young cheap talents eventually shows.

I think the good news is that we found a possible replacement for either Bell or Williams in Gardner-Johnson.

We need to be patient with the draft, and get as many picks as possible to replace the young ones that we won't be able to afford a second contract. We should not forget that the best way to have a healthy cap is to have as many players as possible playing under their rookie deals.

If at the end, we loose some of Teddy, Williams, Bell, Onyematta, Rankins, etc, we may get attractive compensatory picks if we don't decide to spend on middle of the road free agents.

We should concentrate on hiring players that will be released by their teams, since they don't count on the compensatory pick game.