easy to make things in bigish batches for staying home that happen to taste amazing

1 bag frozen chopped onions ($1)
1 bag frozen peas/carrots (1.50)
1lb bag of washed lentils ($1)
1 12oz bag of diced ham ($2.50)
1 tablespoon parsley (pennies)
1 tablespoon favored spice mix (pennies)
1 carton chicken stock (2.50)
2 cups water (pennies)

less that 9 bucks before the rice.

all the above goes into a large crock pot for 6 hours on high and makes about 12 servings. serve with fresh rice. substitute any dry bean of your choice for lentils...

Does this concoction have a name?

I ain’t eatin’ nothin’ that ain’t got no name, quarantine or not.