The Unemployment Line: COVID-19 Edition

anyone here work for a large company (mostly consultants) with a "fishbowl" account?
fo'real this is the best site ever to read the end-of-the-world posts. so many entitled people on here expecting ridiculous whatever.

i normally don't visit, because of my previous paragraph, but it has been my personal amusement lately. sometimes there is a really good argument, but that happening is less than the failclowns winning a superbowl.

according to the thread of the company i work for, you'd think it is the apocalypse. i may lose months of income, but i read whatever they did totally different. it seems like we are getting "furloughed" not laid off. these people think that this the end of the world.

honestly, i know we are most likely just being furloughed (my division has already been understaffed, literally less than half of what we need), but the chances of not being employed after this is slim. they have invested more than 30k in me over the last few years, so if i have no job, thanks peeps :)