The Unemployment Line: COVID-19 Edition

I was laid off April 4.

On April 5 I signed up for unemployment on The People's Republic of Indianastan's website.

On April 13th I logged back in and verified that I did not work the week prior.

Today I received a direct deposit from the state along with the Fed's $600.

The only thing that I could cut from my expenses was Xfinity television but I had to keep internet.

Financially, I'll probably be fine for a considerable amount of time barring unforeseen expenses.

My concern is that oil futures fell like they did. That's liable to cause my job to close permanently. That won't just affect me, it'll probably mean that all of the local steel facilities close. That'll devastate the local economy.

Yeah, I keep thinking about the dummy saying that lower oil prices doesn't hurt anyone. I bet he's kicking himself now for saying that.