Best Song Named After a Woman - (Music Pole That's not a Foregone Conclusion)

It's not difficult, but most of you will get it wrong anyway, so here it is:

Looking for your favorite song on its musical merits - not the most popular, not the most influential, not the one named after your favorite ex. Musically the best song.

Any and all covers can be lumped in with the original

Song titles must be a name ONLY, so don't bother reminding me about Ah! Leah!. Yes, it's a superior song to all of these, but it has extraneous words. No Mrs. Robinsons or Lady Madonnas.

"But Cage, there are women named Patience. and Faith" GTHO with all of that nonsense. In fact, I'm removing the Other option right now because I'm convinced all of you will only abuse it. And no 'tacoes' either. None of you can handle a 'tacoes' option.