Report: Goodell has STH refund in place if some games are fan-less

If the NFL’s teams are going to continue charging fans for their season tickets (as the Saints plan to do on May 29), they have to release a schedule and plan a “normal” season. They want our dollars in their accounts, interest free, first. Then they’ll see how things play out and deal with rescheduling, potential refunds and credit policies, later.

I got an email from Live Nation informing me that a concert I bought tickets to had been cancelled. They gave me the option to “opt in” to a program allowing them to hold my money and use it at a value of 150% on a future Live Nation event. I have 30:days to opt in, which is their way of saying I’m going to hold your money for another month, interest free. I wouldn’t be surprised to see sports teams do something similar. Although I’m thinking a gift, or team store credit, in lieu of valuing our funds on hand at a rate higher than 100%.