Type of offense versus roster

There has been much discussion about quarterbacks on this forum for quite a while. Now, we are all familiar with the type of offense the Saints ran under Coach Payton. Drew Brees was uniquely suited to run this offense. We saw, somewhat, the kind of offense that Coach Payton ran in 2021. Now, the question is should Coach Payton run the offense he did for 15 years under Brees or continue with whatever last year's was. If the former, does he have the quarterback on the roster to do that? If the latter, does he have the quarterback on the roster to do that?

Next, if Coach payton sticks to the 2021 offense, does the rest of the roster suit that offense. For instance if we run a deep threat passing attack do we have the receivers to get down field and the quarterback with the arm to get them the ball? If we continue to run the type offense we did for the first years of Coach Payton's tenure, do we need a new qb? Are the linemen suited for stronger pass protection/blocking longer to allow the deep pass attack to set up? If we run a different type of offense like 2021"s do we need different type of linemen?

There is an old saying that you cant fit a square peg in a round hole. As the Saints try to rebuild and reestablish a effective offense are they presented with the same dilemma roster-wise as the square peg into the round hole?