Type of offense versus roster

Every player is suited to run Sean's offense because he doesn't really run a "scheme" in the classic sense of the meaning. His calls plays to take the talent he has and create matchup issues with the talent the defense has. Just with Brees as the QB his offense evolved to a sling it down field offense to a ball control passing game offense to a run-based offense over 15 years. You hear him talk about a player, their unique skillset and a "vision" for how they will be used. Little clues like that will key you in on what you can expect in terms of play-calling and offensive design. With Jameis, we saw the return of more downfield passing, but still a focus on ball-control and making every possession count.

No one else can install Sean's offense because whomever Sean has at QB is the offense. It can literally change week-to-week as we saw this last year.