Star Wars: Andor

I get it but the Emperor waited decades to see his plan come to fruition and it all gets undone because of incompetence? His plan never should've worked then. "Decades of meticulous planning led to the creation of the Empire but now that we have an Empire, you can just phone it in now." I don't think I like that but the show is still awesome, that hasn't changed.
i'm beginning to feel Dedra is some sort of Empire comp
so she rises to the top with talent and tenacity
then she gets an asst who is a 'mini me' - he is someone who can help her in the short term but will, almost inevitably, gun for her in the long run bc the org structure seems to compel it. very Sith-like
then you add Syril to the mix. He's another who 'should' be an asset to Dedra, but instead of structural corruption, he is an example of how, even for true believers, human variation cannot be regimented

and now that i've written that, i'm curious if there isn't some kind of Schroedingers cat thing going on with both the asst and Syril - that they are both damaging and helpful (to dedra) and she won't know which until she opens the box