Is There A Win Total That Saves DA’s Job?

We had Payton through 3 straight 7-9 seasons. Its not like weve done this before. But defending Allen to this degree is on some other level of odd.

Payton's an offensive minded coach.

2007: 4th in total yards, 12th in scoring.
2008: 1st in total yards, 1st in scoring.
2014: 1st in total yards, 9th in scoring.
2015: 2nd in total yards, 8th in scoring.
2016: 1st in total yards, 2nd in scoring.

Averaged 2nd in total yardage, 6th in scoring. Payton's offensive mind was working, he just hadn't found the right DC to pair with during those bad years. He also earned a lot of leeway after the whole winning a Super Bowl thing and making the Saints a genuinely good team. Guys like that have to basically commit mass murder to get fired.

Dennis Allen's a defensive minded coach.

2012: 18th in yards, 28th in scoring.
2013: 22nd in yards, 29th in scoring.
2014: fired after losing the first four games. His defense in those four games allowed an average of 365.25ypg and 25.75ppg. That puts them on pace to finish 23rd in yards and 26th in scoring defense for that year compared to the final season stats of the league.
2022: 12th in yards, 25th in scoring currently.

Allen so far averages out to 19th in yards and 27th in scoring on defense when he's the Head Coach.

He's a defensive minded coach without the defensive numbers to back it.

Just no way it will sit well with me if they retain him.