Is There A Win Total That Saves DA’s Job?

I'm not defending allen. I'm defending the plan and the process.

you are associating previous success by a very young coach hired by an idiot to run a bad franchise in prediction of what DA can be here with a healthy squad.

CSP retired after piecing together an ok record last year with dismal talent. DA is not CSP, but the hand he's been dealt is hard to win with.

If he poops himself on the rest of the season I may change my mind, but I doubt he will and I know that the Saints as an organization are far less prone to deluded histrionics than fans.

Excuses are like buttholes, everybody has one. Sean Payton never lost more than 9 games in a season. Allen could end up with his 3rd with 12 losses in 3 full seasons.

I quit taking anything seriously after “Michael Thomas was playing better this year than last”. This has gone off the rails into the realm of the absurd.

This is a doozy as well “The path is to stay the course and let the plan work and odd luck run its course.”

Follow the titanic to the bottom of the ocean with Allen. Unreal.