Is There A Win Total That Saves DA’s Job?

This is my pushback. All teams have injuries, that's a lame excuse. Yes, Oakland was not the best destination, but the team did better before and after Allen. Everyone makes this excuse, but it's not true. The coaches before and after Allen had better records. Also, before Payton, we weren't necessarily considered the best franchise.
I don't think Loomis will pull the trigger, but this notion that DA got a raw deal in Oakland is not valid; guys like Sean, McVay, and others get it right from day one.
Oakland has been a dumpster fire for decades or they would never have hired an unqualified coach like DA in the first place. Blaming him for losing is about like blaming a fat guy for being hungry.

Loomis will not fire DA. I know this to be true unless he gets caught screwing the new male cheer crews.

All teams have injuries.

Most teams don't win the superbowl.

We have more injuries than anyone and because of that we can't win sheet.

It's not an excuse to consider we have half our payroll on the sidelines.

I've tired of arguing with people who believe a new coach should be able to elevate practice squad players with 1 day's roster presences into all pros. It's not possible and it's numbing to consider.

Without your best players you cannot win in a parity-based league.

Stop the stupid.