Wayback machine returns: 1987 road win over the Niners

As our Saints muddle through another disappointment of a season, I thought I’d fire up the wayback machine so we can enjoy past glories against the remaining upcoming opponents.

1987 was the year many of us older fans will remember forever. First-ever playoff berth for our Saints. Chief obstacle for us back then was the Walsh/Montana 49ers. Seems like we never beat them, right? Well, not exactly….

Three times in the ‘80s the black and gold downed the Niners in old Candlestick Park. The third time was during the famous nine-game winning streak thst followed the infamous home loss to the Niners that produced Jim Mora’s “coulda woulda shoulda” speech.

The Dome Patrol stifled the Niner offense well enough until Steve Young, who started the game in place of Montana after the latter was injured in pregame warmups, hit Jerry Rice on a long one. Our offense, as we remember, relied on Morten Andersen early and often until we got into the end zone on an Hebert-to-Mike Jones catch-and-run in the second half.

It was timely defense, special teams in the form of a Johnnie Poe return of a blocked field goal, just enough offense and The Great Dane who won it in the final minutes, 26-24. The swirling wind nearly blew the game-winner wide — but thankfully didn’t! The Dome Patrol kept Montana at bay just long enough for the clock to run out.

One interesting moment I’d forgotten about can be found at the 1-hour mark of the video. After a Dave Waymer pick off the arm of Montana, Hebert’s attempt at improv ends up being an early example of the “tuck rule.” Thank goodness the call more or less went our way.

Stockton and Bradshaw were in the booth for this one, plus there’s the full halftime show with old NFL Today crew. Enjoy! ….