How can the Saints beat the 49ers

Have someone following Christian around... anticipate and jump a dump off to the flat.

Cover the middle of the field... make Jimmy beat you over the top over and over again, if need be.

Don't try to "hit" Deebo... try to trip him up.

As far as stoping the run... be disciplined... don't follow ghosts.

On offense... like someone mentioned earlier... try to make big plays, by way of misdirection....key screen passes. Have Taysom Hill pass on key 3rd or 4th and shorts... for a big play. Sure you pass up on a potential easier 1st down, but it would be a scenario where you could catch our defense cheating in.

Get rid of the ball quick on other passes. Commit to the run, even if it seems it's not working. Don't get an offensive penalties.

that's your best chance.