USMNT - The Berhalter Era

Kind of a s show honestly.

Gio takes his share of the blame, but he is throwing shade at Berhalter for not keeping things in house. Trust issues, a 19-20 year old who knows he has the talent to be in the 11, spending too much time scouring the player pool, and a full on tactical arse whooping by Van Gaal - you have to wonder if its best for everyone to get a fresh approach to the next 3.5 years.

But Gio has to grow up pretty quick, regardless of who the coach will be. This wasnt the gold cup or a couple of friendlies. This was the WC. Put your head down, work your butt off and if your number gets called make a statement.

yep at this point i have to imagine there was some consternation within the USMNT heading into the games. AS much as they probably tried to ignore the noise, it was there.