USMNT - The Berhalter Era

I was pretty solidly on the Team to Bring Berhalter Back immediately after being ousted from the tournament because his game plans were pretty spot on and he seemed to get the defense to play well above their level but this completely changes that. He's got to go. Speaking openly about this after it had been resolved....throwing Gio under the bus to help his bid to be brought back....nah.....the team can't heal from that. He's got to go.

Agreed, yesterday afternoon the news just kept rolling in, and I dont see a scenario where Berhalter is back.

Im not defending Gio's actions. He has to grow up. But at the same time, at worst he is your 2nd most talented player. Pulisic just has the benefit of 4 years more experience. But you tell a guy who knows he belongs in the 11, who knows he is the most talented guy in the group that his role is going to be limited? Its not the same as telling that to Roldan or Long. I can see how Reyna as a competitor would be thrown off by that.

Then it comes out that guys are questioning his leadership, if he is tactically sound enough (he isnt). He has alienated guys in the pool like John Brooks. He doesnt like any type of confrontation. Then spilling this about Gio to a group he thought was off the record? Thats the dumbest thing Ive ever heard. He knew someone was going to leak that. He either wanted out, or knew he was on his way out.

He has to go at this point though. All that stuff coming out, then you could find yourself choosing between your most talented player and a coach who was put over the knee by Van Gaal and doesnt have the trust of his team? Easy choice.