No negative vibes, but what is this team missing?

Honestly, you can't build the perfect team... if you are trying to get a rim protector... Do we have the minutes to go around? We kind of don't. So, it would be nice to get a rim protector, but they'll probably rot on the bench for the perfect match-up when needed. Which is who? There is no rim protector on the trade market to shut down Giannis, Jokic, and Embiid.

I say... personally... get a bigger shooter at guard. I really wished we would of spent some assets to dump Graham to get Brogdon in the off season. Would of been a smart move.
Considering how much run the guys at the end of the bench get, I do think having a defensive specialist for matchups wouldn't be a bad thing. I like Temple, but at this point wouldn't a defensive big be more valuable for our team?