USMNT - The Berhalter Era

It sounds like you have a 19 year old, who was being told a massive amount of conflicting information, then ultimately told he was going to play a limited role because he didnt meet some recovery standards....when he was playing an equal amount of minutes, maybe more in the month leading up to the WC, in the top tier in Germany than Pulisic was in England.

I just get the feeling he wasnt prepared to be jerked around like that as a dang kid. Feels like "i did everything he asked, and it still wasnt enough". I think he will use this as motivation. I think it may light a fire in him that gets him to the next level. But that aint happening with Berhalter in charge. Theyve got to move on to who's next pretty quickly. Berhalter has overall not made himself a peoples champion in the locker room. He did a good job of weeding out the player pool (and alienating a lot of it along the way). Let someone else more tactically sound take the reigns from here.