Eagles signing Kentavius Street to one-year deal (1yr/1.08M)

Our overall performance was down, but for the most part the players that generated the most QB pressures are the ones that left. I love Jordan, but the elephant in the room is that he had his worst year since his rookie season rushing the passer. His pressure rate has declined every year since 2019. He tends to rush more than twice as much as the next guy, so his numbers are going to weigh on the unit.

2019 - 20.0%
2020 - 14.3%
2021 - 11.4%
2022 - 9.3%

Edit to add that Jordan was only better than Tuttle last year at getting to the QB.

I love Jordan, but I do agree that the man is past his prime and so far both swings at getting him assistance or his eventual replacement have missed.

It is time for an influx of young and hopefully healthy talent. Finishing 29th in pressure percentage doesn't happen because one player fell off. The defensive line was just not good last season.