Eagles signing Kentavius Street to one-year deal (1yr/1.08M)

I love Jordan, but I do agree that the man is past his prime and so far both swings at getting him assistance or his eventual replacement have missed.

It is time for an influx of young and hopefully healthy talent. Finishing 29th in pressure percentage doesn't happen because one player fell off. The defensive line was just not good last season.
We‘ll see how it goes, but we didn’t lose three free agent DL players right when free agency kicked off because they were bad. I’m hoping we improve, but I also know it’s wishful thinking to sign a few backups and hope they produce as starters. I think they will easily make us forget about Street though.

As for run D, you‘ll rarely find any of our FA losses (excluding Street) as culprits. Here‘s all the big runs from week one.

1. Turner loses control of the C gap:
View attachment trim.D9051451-2FA7-4F99-9F9E-04C561D7667F.MOV

2. Street gets driven back by the combo block, opening a cutback lane
View attachment trim.F7265DA5-4318-413D-860C-18535B5957AD.MOV

3. Ringo gets driven back by the double, preventing Werner from coming downhill to assist Davis
View attachment trim.B4DA2EA3-0D57-4EE1-A930-2CBF51498FB7.MOV

4. No one has D gap here
View attachment trim.F196C328-E1AC-4CA7-925A-125667CD9E9A.MOV

5. Tuttle keeps his feet against the $100m guard, redirecting the runner. If Jordan doesn’t cross his blocker’s face it’s a tackle for loss, but he didn’t know Tuttle’s blocker went to the ground, eliminating the gap he’s trying to fill. Davis had a chance but had too much grass to cover.

View attachment trim.D4D299BE-B1E2-4003-8321-11CA26A4594E.MOV