The Electric Vehicle (EV) discussion thread (Merged)

I think wanting cars with huge range is creating demand for a product that really isn't needed. So what if your car's range is say, 500 miles vs. 250? That makes the car better if you take a "short" road trip. But if your road trip exceeds 500 miles round trip, you're going to need to charge either car at some point. Once you're in that scenario, the issue is - how convenient and easy will it be to charge on road trips? Tesla is still the runaway winner in this category. I'm very comfortable taking my Tesla on road trips because I have confidence in being able to charge on the road - the Tesla Supercharger network is that good if you own a Tesla. I'll take my 350 mile range Tesla over a 600 mile Lucid (or whatever) any day for a road trip, simply because I know fast charging will be simple and easy.

And for people who have access to 2 or more vehicles, and only use EV's for daily driving (and not long road trips), as long as your car's range exceeds your daily driving and you have a viable home charging setup, you're good. If you have level 2 charging at home, having a long range does not matter at all for daily driving.
The long range people are wanting is simply due to the charging network. I’m driving from Wichita Falls to Dodge City, KS right now. There are zero charging stations on my 220 mile route. I’m not looking for an extreme example, it is literally the trip I’m on. I’ll pass 100+ gas stations within 5 miles if my route.

So when you cut range in half from ice vehicles then have to cut another 30 miles off that range to accommodate for a charge point then have to wait an hour to charge it just isnt reasonable for a lot of people.

I blame the government for not making charging infrastructure a priority.