UPDATE: BI Likely to be Traded[This Week]

That's why the trio of Zion, BI, and CJ never made sense to me. All 3 guys are primarily iso players, but the Pels are at their best when the ball is moving.

Iso players win playoff games. Especially ones that are unselfish and willing to pass the ball like BI. The Pels problems are Trey, CJ, and Jose went ice cold when it mattered most. Which is the problem when you have to rely on shooters too much. Zion is gone at the most important time of the season...again.

I'm not going to be too reactionary off one season. The past few seasons have shown the main problems are:

1. Bigs rotation is way too inconsistent to the point Willie decides Larry is the way to go---fail
2. Zion once again cannot be healthy when needed most--fail

Fix the big rotation and find a dynamic scorer who can fill in when Zion goes down.