UPDATE: BI Likely to be Traded[This Week]

You can't build a team around one player. They need Zion to develop his game rather than trying to field a team full of shooters. You need to field a team full of multi-faceted basketball players. Especially ones that can self create.

As for who will be traded. JV is pretty obvious. BI is unlikely.
Agreed, but we can't trade JV. He is not available for trade.

I didn't think JV was likely to be allowed to go into FA for a good while but the more Willie played small ball, the more obvious it became. We are going to be pretty bare at the 5, so I sure hope Griff has something in mind. I'd love to see us obtain Jarrett Allen from Cleveland. He is not a typical 5 (only 6' 9"), but he is a perfect fit with our small lineup. Comes in at a fairly hefty 245 so he can bully under the rim. Chances are pretty damn slim but it is that type of player we need.