UPDATE: BI Likely to be Traded[This Week]

Doesn't matter. None of these guys know anything yet. These are just educated guesses that you or I could do. Nothing more than that. And we've seen plenty of "insiders" that really don't know jack. Example: CSP to Dallas annual crap from "insiders". Not much respect for that ilk from this corner.

I don't think Griff even knows what he is going to do - yet. Waaaay too early in the process. And Sidery/Stein/whoever prove it with the words they use (see the phrases I quoted above). They're both just media mooks trying to be the blind squirrel that finds a nut.

But it is a great example of the regurgitation I posted about. ;)
I agree it’s early in the process before the offseason has fully started around the league. I don’t think they’re just guessing or don’t know anything though.

The wording is no different than Shams or Woj’s tweets. Their reports are sometimes about interest or suitors. The aggregate accounts reshare their tweets word for word. We’re use to seeing them report a concrete transaction more often.