UPDATE: BI Likely to be Traded[This Week]

I agree it’s early in the process before the offseason has fully started around the league. I don’t think they’re just guessing or don’t know anything though.

The wording is no different than Shams or Woj’s tweets. Their reports are sometimes about interest or suitors. The aggregate accounts reshare their tweets word for word. We’re use to seeing them report a concrete transaction more often.
If you want to believe, that's fine. I've seen much more wrong speculation, from supposed insiders, than right.

I pick a very few writers who have proven themselves (Underhill, Schefter, Shams) to be more credible than the rest of their ilk and follow even them with caution (even the good guys are often wrong).

The others I choose to use for entertainment, much like wrestling, nothing more.

We'll see about BI. A trade could happen, or not. I lean towards "or not", but that is just my thought process and I'm not expecting anyone to take my opinion for news.

So I'm not buying ANY speculation yet, and I'm certainly not expecting any meat on the bones of any rumor until at least the playoffs are finished.

YMMV. And that's OK.

Oh, I meant what I said - I really appreciate the time and work you put into posting these comments. But I reserve the right to scoff at the original nimrods posting those things on X, Insta, or FB and even laugh at them when appropriate. :shrug: