Is Anyone Hiring? Permission Received From Andrus to Post

I understand all that, I really do, but I do not have any more time. Remember, Im 6+ months in already. Im out of money, cant pay my bills anymore and no one I can borrow from or anything like that. Im gonna keep trying, but soon I wont even have internet or electricity

I understand. It’s easy (and absolutely well-intended) for people to want to pep you up, but you’re the one currently feeling the desperation and uncertainty.

But I still hope you can keep an open mind to what people are saying because any piece of advice or a suggestion can be what unlocks an idea or gets you through to the next step and beyond. None of it is to make light of your situation.

I know you’ve focused on the job search and I apologize if you’ve already addressed this, but are you already looking for or taking advantage of resources to help meet any of your immediate needs? Food pantries? Looked into any assistance for utilities either through your city or churches and charities? Anything that can buy you some more time? If you have, I’m sorry to bring it back up. There isn’t always a lot of help available but sometimes people don’t know to check, either.

Preparing for a worsening scenario: public libraries have internet so that can buy you some time if you have access to one. Losing electricity and internet will be an immense hardship so it’s important that you are game planning. Anger, frustration, and fear are all perfectly understandable reactions but they won’t get you through this. It’s problem-solving. Don’t lose sight of that.

It’s okay if you don’t want to have this part of the conversation, but brainstorming ideas often leads to paths forward.