Most Valuable NFL Franchises (Saints Now At $4.1 Billion)

You are assuming a lot of real estate in that $4 billion valuation though. The valuation appears to be based on a multiple of revenue. Valuation is not the equivalent to asset value (and it not what most of these franchises were purchased for). The tweet does not disclose the actual asset value. You are assuming that the overwhelming majority is commercial real estate, but for most franchises, I would not think that is the case. Most franchises do not own the stadiums and some do not own the training facilities (as they may be state or county owned). There are likely pretty significant leasehold improvements. I think some of the write offs you are calculating may be over estimated. Remember, the Saints were purchased for $75 million (nice return, huh?), so the difference between the basis and sales value will be recognized as taxable whenever ownership is transferred.
All true statements. But I used the commercial real estate depreciation as the SLOWEST depreciation rate. If the majority is FF&E and/or intangibles, the depreciation actually INCREASES beyond what I illustrated, making it an even better tax shelter.

And you can depreciate capital investments any time they're incurred, not just at the time of initial acquisition. Your comments about the Saints being purchased for $75M back in the 80s are fair, but it's all relative. I'm simply illustrating the concept in TODAY dollars. $75M was a LOT back in the early 80s....probably equivalent to $4B today (not in terms of inflation, but in terms of relative value against other franchises). The Broncos and the Commanders have both recently transferred. Both in excess of the "typical" $4B valuation. I stand by my analysis as a point of illustration. They are HUGE tax shelters.