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  1. Andrus

    Saints, at 5-1, Are Ready to Face Down Ghosts of the Vikings Game

    Patrick Smith/Getty Images By Bill Pennington | New York Times BALTIMORE — Just a month ago, the flamboyant and ever-charging New Orleans Saints finally looked spent and tired. They had lost their season-opening game at home despite scoring 40 points. The next week, they narrowly escaped...
  2. Andrus

    The N.F.L.’s New Tackling Rule: The Good, the Bad and the Confusing

    By Bill Pennington | New York Times Welcome pro football fans to a new N.F.L. Sunday, on the first full day of games in the 2018 season, there were surprises: Some of the most routine tackles, for example, are now penalties. There were improvements: A reckless hit brought an immediate...
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