1. bienv

    Paying a player's fine = bounty?

    So we now have two non-NFL players (Ray Lewis and Tedy Bruschi) who publically offered to pay part of a fine on an NFL player (Ahmet Brooks for the Brees hit) should said player in fact be fined. Is this different from a coach or owner offering a player bonus pay for performing certain actions...
  2. Getting Hosed

    The more things that come out about Bountygate the more it seems Goodell is clearly FoS. It does not make sense that Football players would purposely try to injure one another on a large scale. There may be some bad apples out there who hate someone else, but a whole team? No way. The Saints are...
  3. Fleur de Brees

    Greenberg tweets: "system failed miserably"

    These are a few days old, but I just came across them on Twitter and didn't see them posted elsewhere. Looks like Greeny's got our back too (I'd rather Golic, but I think he's had our back from the start). Schefter's 180 Tuesday morning seemed to open the media floodgates: 19 Jun Mike...
  4. wc_whodat

    Bleacher Report on Bounty Time

    So I am bored at work, so I decided to do a search to see what else is going down on the bounty front. Well the brilliantly non-biased fellas at bleacher report posted an article that I actually thought was good until this: Glad to see they are not fueling the us against them mentality...
  5. ac4400cw


    Sean Payton: Suspended for 1 year. Mickey Loomis: Suspended 8 games. Joe Vitt: Suspended 6 games. The New Orleans Saints: Fined $500,000 for running a "bounty" system. The look on Roger Goodell's face when we make the playoffs: Priceless.
  6. ac4400cw

    No White Flags: Steve Gleason & Saints Refuse To Go Quietly

    If you are a fan of the New Orleans Saints or the NFL you may be able to recall where you were on September 25, 2006. It had been 21 months since the New Orleans Saints had been able to play in the Superdome. The Saints, their fans, and the NFL were almost completely flooded, sunk, and washed...
  7. Jortizcardona

    Jay Feely OWNS Bayless on bountygate

    Did Gregg Williams Speech Go Too Far? - YouTube Didnt see it posted, I apologize if it has been posted. Jay Feely exposes Skip Bayless for the joker that he is. You could see Bayless' agenda from a mile and the way he kept on saying the "keywords" that the media have used to create a screwed up...
  8. SaintsSince87

    Peter King and the Bounty

    Peter King has been interesting to follow during this bounty nightmare. -Peter wrote the cover story for SI when the story broke. -He has spent lots of space in his MMQB column to update the story each week. -He got into it on twitter with Jon Vilma who called him a, "glorified blogger."...
  9. ac4400cw

    Greg Williams "Bounty Program"

    With the Saints caught up in this NFL scandal, will Greg Williams be punished too since he also had a hand in other "bounty" programs where he coached?

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