1. Andrus

    Saints coach Sean Payton says NFL was pushing to have him fired after Bountygate

    The Saints coach apparently almost wasn't the Saints coach after Bountygate By John Breech | Saintswire One of the harshest penalties ever given to an NFL coach was handed down in 2012 when the league dropped the hammer on Saints coach Sean Payton for the role he allegedly played in the...
  2. kooldak

    Malcom Jenkins on SiriusXM Late Hits

    Good interview with Jenkins. Talks about Goodell, division of players and league, more: Saints S Malcolm Jenkins talked about the players perception of Roger Goodell, earlier on Late Hits - SiriusXM Sports
  3. *_deuce_*

    (Fox Article) Suspended Saints won't get NFL help

    Suspended Saints won't get NFL help Pro football is rough enough, the violence at such a high speed, that cheap hits — the so-called bounty hits — should be outlawed and penalized. Still, it will be interesting to see if the legal system agrees with Goodell or cuts these four players a break. A...
  4. actorforsaints7

    Musings on Bounty-Gate (article on

    Long time SR member here. Just wrote my first article for LINK Also, thank you guys for being part of this awesome site as I get lots of ideas here and take inspiration from reading what you all write. Regardless of whether or not you agree with what I say in the...
  5. NFL Precedent

    While we discuss the extent of the penalties imposed on the Saints so far by the NFL let's also look at NFL precedent for what the violations should be. But before I go into the details of previous incidents, I would like to first point out that I have not heard a single Saints fan say that...
  6. Giant Fan Here

    I can only imagine how much this sucks for all you fans of the Saints. I would react the same as many of you. Goodell is probably more ticked off about being stonewalled and lied to than player safety in my opinion. I do not think there is anything the Saints can do because coach contracts when...
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