1. ktmoze

    Saints Eyeing Up the Enemy: The Kansas City Chiefs

    Bob Rose analyzes the Saints' 2020 Opponent, The Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Andrus

    The case for Drew Brees being a better QB than Peyton Manning

    Eric Adelson | Columnist | Yahoo Sports Drew Brees will almost certainly break Peyton Manning’s all-time passing record in Peyton Manning’s hometown. It will be a true celebration in a city famous for parties if and when the Saints legend notches 201 passing yards, eclipsing Manning’s career...
  3. Winter

    Kickoff the 2018 Season with Dome Schedules

    Put together some Superdome inspired schedule wallpapers. It's been 4 years since the last ones, but better late than never! There's 4 options in the 3 major time zones. I'm so jacked for this season... Let's go get it! Who Dat! These are built to 2560x1440 (Thunderbolt) 2018 Superdome...
  4. Winter

    2018 Superdome Schedule Wallpapers

    Took me 4 years to do another iteration of the Dome schedule wallpapers. Gotta say I'm liking this format better. I made 4 versions each with Eastern, Central and Pacific time zones. Just in time for the season to start... WHO DAT! Central time first:
  5. whodatphil

    Contract extensions before the season starts

    Loomis has been really quiet and we have some big UFA and RFA for next year. Drew, Vaccaro, and Snead all will have huge roles this year. I know Drew is pretty much a nonfactor (although he does carry the signing bonus hit til 2020).. but are you guys concerned with us not locking Kenny up yet...
  6. Breesusdat

    Finally, an article that appreciates Brees

    Found this article today talking about how Drew has made a case to be the best quarterback of this generation. Someone finally said Drew is better than Brady :worthy: Thought it was share worthy. Link: Drew Brees has made a case for being top QB of this generation | Cover32
  7. Drew Brees, Forgotten Treasure

    It's nice for him get a dose of recognition in the way we see him all the time. Drew Brees is the NFL's Forgotten Treasure "Mutha ******* act like they forgot about Drew" made me laugh! :hihi:
  8. ac4400cw

    The Empire Strikes Back (The Redo)

    Decided to have a do over of my original.
  9. The Brees Contract Demand That Coulda Ruined Everything (Satire)

    I'll just assume they took this clause out of the final deal. (Satire) :
  10. ac4400cw

    Drew Brees vs. Eli Manning

    Did you know that Eli Manning is 0-4 against a Drew Brees quarterbacked team. 0-1 against San Diego & 0-3 Against the Saints.
  11. ac4400cw

    Just A Point to Ponder

    What if, by chance, Drew Brees decides to sit out this season & Chase Daniels takes over as quarterback & leads the Saints to a playoff berth & the Super Bowl, does that make Drew Brees' stock in the NFL go down a bit? Would it make him expendable to the Saints organization? What about Sean...
  12. SaintsmanJim

    When will The Saints sign Drew Brees or will they?

    My question is this when will they sign Drew Bress or will they? Are they just going to let him sit for a year or are they going to pay the man and get this thing done. With everything else going on he needs to be signed yesterday.:banghead: GEAUX SAINTS GOODELL SUX The Saintsman Jim
  13. Infinite_Crescent

    Say Hello To My Little Friend

  14. ac4400cw

    Happy Drew Year

  15. 5 hours left saints fans!

    DON'T MISS OUT ON THESE GREAT SUPER BOWL MEMORIES! THE PRICE HAS BEEN LOWERED!!! eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
  16. nolascratch

    Jimmy Graham's TD vs Jaguars

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I decided Saturday I was going to the game last Sunday. Checked ticketmaster and got a face value $80 seat on the second row by the endzone. Left at midnight and drove all...
  17. saintsinNO

    Why Brees is involved in the labor dispute (ESPN) Today is a big day. Hopefully they get closer to some sort of settlement, but I still don't buy that this at all has anything to do with the fans...I just want football...
  18. goboilers

    In Big Games, a Better Roethlisberger decent article for elite qbs debate... Roethlisberger, who is 10-2 in the postseason, has the second-best winning percentage in N.F.L. history (.833) behind Bart Starr’s .900 (9-1). He has won two Super Bowls and...
  19. BELIEVE AGAIN BASH Schedule 9/4

    SAINTS BELIEVE AGAIN BASH<o></o> SATURDAY, SEPT. 4<o></o> CHAMPIONS SQUARE<o></o> <o></o> 12:00 PM Doors Open<o></o> 12:00-8:00 PM <o></o> Verizon Training Ground<o></o> Saints Kids’ Inflatable Activity Stations<o></o> Artist Stations (Face Painting, Balloon Artists, Temporary...

    Coming Back Stronger (Hardcover) Preorder $17.81

    I just preordered mine. It will probably be hard to fine one in the stores when it first hits the shelves Preorder and save almost 10 bucks.
  21. BarinInBrandon

    WhoDat Nation North

    We are loving our boys tonight! Savor this one, WhoDat Nation! And can anyone show me a more genuine, salt-of-the-earth gentleman than Drew Brees!? What a class act! WhoDat, folks ... WhoDat All Night Long!
  22. WhoDat9to12

    Video: Brees talks about the Saints offensive line, plus 2 other videos

    <table style="border: 0px none ; padding: 0px;"><tbody><tr><td>Saints Video: Drew Brees talks about the O-Line</td></tr><tr><td><script type="text/javascript"...
  23. goboilers

    No huddle offense against the Jets

    Our no huddle offense should be utilized extensively against the Jets so that substitutions can be limited and the Jets cannot give us different looks from different packages. Brees' is a smart QB and if he can call plays on the field that will help our cause tremendously... Should also help in...
  24. Yet Another Jacked up Poll!!!

    Drew is the FEDEX ground and air player of the week and this is the kind of poll I get out of CBS <TABLE class=pollOptions cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=1 width="100%" border=0><FORM id=pollForm name=PeekWeekNFL91809><TBODY><TR height=24><TD...
  25. If Brees brings the saints to a Superbowl

    would he be a lock for HOF?
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