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  1. Andrus

    Wait, Alvin Kamara is going to cost how much?

    By Roy Anderson | WhoDatDish The Internet can be a scary place, especially if you use a market value prediction tool to look up what the next contract could be for a player like Alvin Kamara. There’s a lot of talk about contracts as we head into the last days of NFL league year 2018. The new...
  2. Andrus

    Anonio Brown to Saints: Could it, would it, should it happen?

    By Roy Anderson | WhoDatDish Antonio Brown going to the Saints wasn’t much of a thing until a tweet from celebrity journalist Michael Silver, on Friday, Mar. 1, set the Twitterverse on fire. Let’s get one point out of the way quickly. Michael Silver used to be a respected journalist. Like a...
  3. Andrus

    Saints who are set to step up in 2019: DT Taylor Stallworth

    By Roy Anderson | WhoDatDish He didn’t see much of the field as a rookie, but defensive tackle Taylor Stallworth made the most of it when he did. And his role has gotten bigger recently. One of the more interesting stories to follow with the Saints in 2018 was the rapid ascent of defensive...
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