1. Fletch

    Key Twist on FAN NOISE

    For anyone who may not remember, DEUCE McAllister made a great report about 6 weeks ago, in which he explained that 'the QB receives his audio Play-Calling from the Coach during the first 15 seconds of the playclock ; Then their Microphone & Speaker Shuts Off ... ( allowing the QB time to...
  2. team ramrod

    [Fan Footage] Back in Cincinnati!

    Hey everyone, since we are back in Cincinnati this week, I thought I might share my experience the last time Who Dat played Who Dey in Cincy. Original Post: Locker Room Tunnel 2010 Saints team look forward to...
  3. ac4400cw

    A Letter From Who Dat Nation’s Heart

    When the news broke we as fans will remember exactly where we were. In the minutes and hours after hung our heads. Some with eyes filled with tears while others were just as shocked as our coaches and players. There’s no explanation or words to quantify the feelings we held in those fleeting...
  4. ac4400cw

    Win Or Lose, I'm A Saints Fan

  5. Cjjr72984

    Firefox 4 Fan Overheating Issue

    Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone here can help with something (or have heard other Mac users complaining about this). I've been a Google Chrome user for the past 2 months now and love it! Except, some websites still aren't compatible with Chrome so I've been looking for a good alternative...
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