1. [Authorized by Andrus] CASTING CALL for SAINTS FANS

    Hello Saints Fans! [I've gotten accepted into this forum and an OK from the creator of the site to post this, so Admins, please don't take this down - he thinks it's a fun idea, and I hope you do too! My name is Brent Duncan and I'm a Casting Producer in Los Angeles. I am NOW CASTING (RUSH...
  2. *_deuce_*

    The Saints have some of the best dressed fans in the NFL.

    Looking at the Photo`s over at,looks like were one of the teams that have the most outgoing fan base.A few pics of our own there.:9: Best dressed NFL fans Gallery PIC1 PIC2 PIC3 PIC4 Some Pics from OTA`s Gallery Ivory Pierre
  3. What's Your Mojo

    I waited till now to post this, but I am curiuos to know whats your mojo and routine for game day and are you religous about it. My mojo: Black Drew Brees Authentic, havent washed since week 1. I only wear it on gamedays and immedately febreeze and hang up afterwards. I only eat foods...
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