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  1. ktmoze

    Vegas believes the Saints will rule the NFC South
  2. Who's up for it ? Pick 10 Teams (to make up Your Team), for Gameweek 1 - 1 point for every team selected that wins

    Hey Guys, Who's up for it ? Pick 10 Teams (to make up Your Team), for Gameweek 1 only - 1 point for every team selected that wins You have until 15 minutes before the 1st game starts to join - Winner takes the pot and bragging rights ::rant:

    2 Open Spots, FF Draft Today @8:00PM EST ISO: Yahoo! Sports, Fantasy Football Team General Managers. Planet Pigskin will be conducting a Live (Online) Draft TODAY @ 8pm EST, with a Defensive Roster included. Essentially, you'll be in full control of all the players...
  4. TheLittleWhoDat

    Fantasy football tips ?

    so last year was my first time attempting a fantasy league and it was half way good, i had peyton manning and jimmy graham and we all know the numbers they had last season, but when they didn't score all my points i lost because those were my first two picks. i had frank gore but he wasn't...
  5. TheLittleWhoDat

    The one bad thing about fantasy football.

    im new to fantasy football this is my first year and glad to say im off to a 3-2 start. however i did this about 2 weeks into it and saw what an android peyton manning was being. so sorry but i picked him over drew. so naturally the day would come i would have to play against drew. that day is...
  6. Doug5984

    Dynasty Trade: Green or Royster?

    Who would you rather going forward, Alex Green or Evan Royster? I didn't get to see Green play at all this year, and Royster looked pretty good at the end of the year. I'd say Green has more upside in GB probably, but wanted to get some others opinions.
  7. nickalbo

    How not to draft a fantasy football team (BLUNDER!)

    A blunder occurs when a person selects a player in a draft that has already been selected :covri:. In the fantasy crack draft of 2009 there was an unprecedented amount of blunders including three seperate double blunders by three different people.
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