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  1. TCUDan

    Analysis Don't Call Him a Nickel: Why C. J. Gardner-Johnson is So Much More

    Credit: Jason Behnken - Associated Press By Dan Levy - Staff Writer - When the question of "Who is the most valuable player on the Saints defense?" comes up, there are always the usual suspects: Demario Davis, Cameron Jordan, Marshon Lattimore… And rightfully so. However...
  2. Andrus

    Saints film room: Michael Thomas, Cam Jordan get star treatment in win over Giants

    By Nick Underhill | The Advocate It is always interesting to see how opposing teams decide to approach star players. Last year, the Carolina Panthers decided they weren’t going to get beat by New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara, so they decided to make Drew Brees beat them. It...
  3. RevDeuceWindham

    Video After Week 2, is the Saints pass defense a concern? - Film Study + Podcast (2 for 1!)

    After 2 weeks, is the Saints secondary a concern? Ken Crawley in particular has (wrongly, imo) gained the ire of many Saints fans who are calling him to be benched. Are things really this bad, or are we just being extra petty as those of us in Louisiana are prone to being? I try to talk everyone...
  4. RevDeuceWindham

    Video Football Fundamentals: Pick Plays & Rub Routes - Saints & Patriots Show Whats Legal + Drew Brees Film Study

    I've got another 2 for 1 for all of ya'll today. First, we have another football fundamentals video. I wanted to go over legal pick plays/rub routes because during the season it always becomes a big argue point for fans of most teams. I bust out the NFL Rulebook that they don't even necessarily...
  5. RevDeuceWindham

    Video Football Fundamentals: The RPO - How the Saints Utilize Pre-Snap Reads & RPOs

    Many people hear the term 'RPO' and immediately think things like "it's a gimmick", "only limited offenses/QBs run them", etc. RPOs in general are pretty misunderstood, and the Saints used them last year to take what the defense gave them. This is in essence, all an RPO is and designed to do...
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