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  1. Andrus

    Sean Payton wants Saints' crowd to cheer at specific time to take away Rams' strategic edge

    By Frank Schwab | Yahoo Sports Sean McVay did something last season, his first as head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, that was a loophole and rather brilliant. NFL coaches can communicate with the quarterback through a speaker in the quarterback’s helmet until 15 seconds are left on the play...
  2. Andrus

    What parity? Saints become fourth home team to win in divisional round

    New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas (13) celebrates a first down reception against the Eagles. (AP) By Frank Schwab | Yahoo Sports All season, the unexpected in the NFL didn’t faze us. We expected the best teams to get upset out of the blue, or teams that hadn’t looked good in...
  3. Andrus

    NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs and Rams put on a show, but the Saints take the top spot

    New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram (22) celebrates a touchdown against the Eagles. (AP) By Frank Schwab - Yahoo Sports The top three teams in the NFL this past week scored a combined 153 points. Welcome to the NFL in 2018. The Los Angeles Rams’ 54-51 win over the Kansas City Chiefs...
  4. Andrus

    Saints dispatch Vikings to set up huge matchup next week vs. 8-0 Rams

    New Orleans Saints cornerback P.J. Williams returns an interception 45 yards for a touchdown against the Vikings. (AP) Frank Schwab | Yahoo Sports The Los Angeles Rams are 8-0. A week from now, they could be heading back to Los Angeles as the second-best team in the NFC. The New Orleans...
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