1. Fan's first time in New Orleans

    Hey to all, Been a longtime fan, but due to being on the other side of the planet I've never been to New Orleans. Due to work I was lucky enough to be stateside and squeezed in a trip to NOLA. Two quick things to try and use some local info; 1: other than cafe Dumont, quick walk down bourbon...
  2. Andrus

    Inside the Game: New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals connections New Orleans Saints vs. Cincinnati Bengals Connections Safety Kurt Coleman prepped at Northmont (Clayton, Ohio) HS and played at Ohio State. Cornerback Eli Apple, safety Vonn Bell, cornerback Marshon Lattimore and wide receiver Michael Thomas also played for the...
  3. Mikebagger

    PIT v Tebow

    Anyone watching this?
  4. anogeaux

    Anybody from Hampton Roads watching the game tonight?

    I live in Virginia Beach and have always watched the games at home, so it would be cool to go out and watch it with fellow Saints fans. I know there are more than a handful of us in the area. Do any of you guys meet up anywhere? BTW, I'm the guy who drives a green 4runner with the big FDL on...
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